The data in Market View and the Demographic Center are provided by two different vendors. Market View’s data on income, population, and drive-time are provided by Esri, while the data in the Demographic Center is provided by Easy Analytic Software Inc (EASI). This is because Esri provides the technology to efficiently and flexibly visualize demographic data, allowing us to generate the map present in Market View.

While Esri and EASI both draw data from the census, each company uses supplementary data sources and statistical techniques to produce estimates for the current year, as well as for variables that are not provided through the census. As such, there will be slight differences in variables across the two sources of data.

The most notable of these differences occurs in estimating the median income for a zip code. EASI’s income estimations include supplementary income sources relevant to high income families that are not generally included in the census. This may result in a higher median income level listed for the demographic center when compared to the data found in Market View. Consider Market View’s median income values as a slightly more conservative estimate of the income level for a given area.